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harmony within so that harmony ripples out
find your voice 
overcome anxiety
build confidence 

For Your Organization

Services provided for long term care, hospital, day programs, non-profit, and workplace wellness programs. 


Individualized programs for adults seeking mental health support. Programs feature any combination of music therapy, Reiki healing, and/or therapeutic voice coaching.


Elevate Your Energy virtual group wellness program for music therapists and space holders. Combat burnout, reduce isolation, and build confidence.


Easy, quick start for connecting to your voice as a form of sound healing.

Get started today by booking a complimentary Connection Call 


Meet Daiva

pronounced: dive-ah


Daiva Zemaitis is the creative entrepreneur leading Harmonia Healing + Music. Daiva is a Certified Music Therapist and Reiki practitioner based in Tkaronto/Toronto, Canada, as well as abroad through distance and virtual sessions. She works with folks of all abilities, backgrounds, and life experiences.


Through music therapy interventions, true voice sound healing, and Reiki, Daiva helps you to discover your innate gifts, have confidence in your identity, and live as your true self. 



“I was going through a prolonged rough patch in my life and couldn’t shake my constant bad energy/negativity.

I didn’t know what to expect from Reiki but Daiva was patient and thorough.

She has a wonderfully calming energy that makes you feel comfortable in her presence instantly.


During the session, I felt heat radiating from her hands and almost energy-type waves flowing over certain areas of my body.

As the session came to an end, I felt relaxed and more at ease.

I truly from the bottom of my heart thank and appreciate my session with Daiva because that extra boost of energy helped me to feel more optimistic and hopeful, and inspired me to make positive changes in my life.”

“I absolutely loved my time with Daiva. She gave me the confidence to sing and learn guitar two things I was not sure I was capable of doing. Daiva is patient and non-judgemental. Wonderful experience!”


“From the moment I arrived for my Reiki session, Daiva made me feel very comfortable. I found the specially selected music playing during the treatment really helped me to relax. I felt so calm when I left. I can’t wait for our next session.”


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