The Harmonia Mentorship

A mentorship style program for individuals seeking to elevate their wellbeing, creative self expression,

and personal growth.

This is for you, if you feel:

  • stressed and burnt out

  • like you're always 'busy' and like you can't slow down

  • a lack of balance in your life

  • disconnected from the present moment

  • fear of using your voice

  • overwhelmed by changes happening in your personal life and the greater world around you

  • stuck in old patterns 

During the Harmonia Mentorship you will 

  • build your confidence 

  • learn tools for coping with stress, burn out, and change

  • feel lighter, inspired, and connected to joy, which will ripple in to all areas of your life

  • receive healing support 

  • reprogram old thought patters and limiting beliefs 


Program Details

6 month and 12 month commitments include:

  • bi-weekly, 75 minute1:1 meetings that can be in-person or virtual, which include a combination of support through music therapy and/or Reiki, and verbal discussion

  • a custom-created and recorded monthly guided Music + Reiki meditation to support integration based on themes coming up for you

  • text and email support between meetings

  • access to the Harmonia Connect program

  • complementary attendance at Harmonia Healing + Music events 

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