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To support you on your journey as a healing facilitator.


The journey of becoming and being a music therapist or any other type of healing facilitator provides an opportunity for self reflection and discovery.


Past limiting beliefs of your potential may be challenged, transference and counter-transference may (will) occur in sessions, and there can be many unknowns about the direction of your career.


You may find yourself asking questions like:


Who am I?

What is 'my style' as a healing facilitator?

What do I want to contribute to others and the collective?

How am I going to do this?

Whoa, do I have to start a business?

How do I get clients?

How can I access my deeper knowing so I 'know' what to do in sessions?

Why am I feeling all of these feelings?!

Before knowing the answers to these questions, you have to know yourself.

Daiva Zemaitis, creative entrepreneur leading Harmonia Healing + Music, has first hand experience of this journey of facing the tough stuff and asking the tough questions. A journey that is ever evolving and never ending. One that requires introspection, accountability, and endless amounts of self compassion.

As a music therapy supervisor, Daiva is here to support you through the process of tuning in to your authentic self, connecting to your intuition, and learning self care tools to sustain your practice (because the healer also needs healing). With time, you will discover that you become a magnet for the career opportunities that are meant for you.   


Mentoring sessions are adapted to fit your needs. Think of it as something like part professional supervision that can be verbal or music based and part healing based through Reiki or music.


Get started today!

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