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The Harmonia Circle

A group program that nourishes confidence, creativity, self expression, and self care through

Music + Reiki in community with others.

If you are feeling

  • like your voice is silenced, stifled

  • like "I can't sing, I'm not musical" but yearn to unlock this part of yourself

  • creatively blocked 

  • a lack of confidence 

  • worried about what to say or how others perceive what you say 

  • lost in your thoughts

  • like you're not good enough

  • a fear of the unknown 

The Harmonia Circle will help

  • build your confidence

  • empower you to use your voice in all life situations

  • calm your mind and replace worry with uplifting feelings

  • build a sense of trust within yourself, thus with others and the world around you

  • help you feel like you're not alone 

  • nourish you on a soul level 

  • bring joy back in to your life 


Program Details


  • Dates TBD

  • Group will meet virtually 6 times

  • Access to self guided online Harmonia Connect program



  • 1, 60 minute 1:1 that can be virtual or in person

Group meetings include:

  • group check in

  • vocalization + singing

  • singing songs

  • writing songs + chants

  • Reiki healing meditation

No music, singing, Reiki experience is required. 

Email: to register


Daiva has created a beautiful space for healing and music. I felt so calm and comfortable, making it easy to open up and be present for our session.

She helped me move through some sticky emotions and feelings to provide some clarity and resolution that felt so freeing. I left the session 110% in a better frame of mind and feeling lighter and more balanced.

Daiva is professional in her work and a joy to work with! I'm excited for our next session!


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