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Distance Healing: FREE resource

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

*This blog post is from the former Harmonia Music Therapy

What a time we are in! The rise of COVID-19 has asked the whole world to come together. We are in a time of change. When change is ahead we may feel uncertainty, fear, or anxiety, similar to the feelings some may be feeling due to society’s current situation. It is important we work through these feelings, as they most likely exist even in times without the threat of a global pandemic. Find a process that works for you, or seek out help. Many therapists and practitioners have begun offering sessions online - what a way to make care more accessible!

Reiki is another avenue that you may consider during this time. Receiving distance Reiki is just as effective as receiving a treatment in person. Because it is energy and we are all energy and everything is energy, Reiki can be channeled across distances to people, places, situations, and more. Physical contact not needed. Reach out for more information if you’re interested!

While reflecting on distance healing, I felt called to create a music meditation with Reiki that can be used as a free resource for your own self care. This is a first for me! I channeled Reiki throughout the recording and asked that it flow for the intention of the individual listening. I also charged the electronic file itself with Reiki. The meditation is just under 11 minutes. I hope you enjoy the experience and that it provides some support.

Music Meditation with Reiki guidance:

  • find a quiet space and listen with headphones or speakers, seated or lying down, adjust to preferred volume

  • set your intention, whatever it is you’re needing i.e. calm, trust, clearing negativity

  • I invite you to vocalize/tone along with the music - use whatever vowels, sounds, tones come to you, following your intuition. Sing as loud or as quietly as you like. It doesn’t matter what the sounds or notes are! You’ll hear me in the background so that it’s as if we’re toning together.

  • release expectations, keep an open mind and heart

Post meditation:

Take note of how you’re feeling. Things may come up. You may want to journal about your experience, or use whatever process resonates with you i.e. art, movement, more music.

IMPORTANT: When you’ve completed your meditation take some clearing breaths or shake out your hands/body or place your hands on the ground. Ask that whatever needs clearing be released to the earth to be transmuted in to something far greater. Ask that the Reiki be sealed and that the cleared space be filled with the highest light and love. I have also set this intention in my channeling.

Drink lots of water and let yourself rest.

I am here. Reach out if you’d like to chat about your experience post meditation, have questions, or would like increased support during this time.

My hopes are that world leaders take the proper steps to help the situation and also that the general public takes necessary precautions. However, social distancing does not have to mean social isolation. This gives an opportunity to call friends, have group video chats with loved ones, and get creative with how you spend your time at home. My thoughts are with those who are suffering from COVID-19 physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as, with those working the front lines.

Take care of yourself, may you be well.


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