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The Logo!

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

*This blog post is from the former, Harmonia Music Therapy

I have been envisioning this logo for quite some time and finally brought it to life. I had so much fun with the creative process. I began by drawing out my idea and then my wonderful friend, Claire Worthington, amazingly talented, magical artist (@clairington on Instagram!), brought it to its digital life!

The logo really encompasses the [Harmonia Music Therapy] Harmonia Healing + Music values and each part has its own symbolism.

Music-centered care: Using music to help.

Person-centered care: Meeting clients where they are at and meeting client needs. The hands also symbolize the hands that provide care and channel Reiki energy.

Heart-centered care: Passionate about developing authentic connections, sharing kindness, and providing care from the heart.

Honouring cycles of time and life: Offering support for folks through all of life’s cycles. We cannot escape time. Natural patterns and cycles occur all around us and affect our everyday lives.

Honouring the land: Acknowledging the Indigenous land we live on and the need for restoration of our connection to the land. The natural world has much to teach us in how to care for ourselves and the climate, and provides us grounding. The tree also symbolizes a holistic, mind-body-spirit approach to care.

The meaning and symbolism behind the logo elements is ever evolving as we learn and explore. The process, the cycle, continues. We are individuals with many parts to the whole and just like us, all these elements come together to create a unified whole. In harmony. Harmonia.


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