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"Rei" (pronounced ray) = universal

"ki" (pronounced key) = life force energy 

Reiki originated in Japan with the teaching that everyone can access Reiki energy. Reiki is the channeling of a universal life force energy to activate the body's innate healing potential. It helps facilitate deep relaxation and release of stress, as well as, emotional and spiritual exploration by calming the nervous system.


A Reiki treatment involves the practitioner channeling a higher, universal life force energy in to their hands or the space around them and the client. Typically the client lies on a treatment table, similar to massage, or sits comfortably while the practitioner hovers their hands over parts of the client's body.

Clients often report feeling:

  • heat in different areas of the body

  • deep rest

  • feeling lighter 


Harmonia Healing + Music Treatment Space 


Harmonia Healing + Music believes that healing is an ongoing, evolving process, therefore, our programs include a series of Reiki treatments so that you can experience optimal benefits. 

Reiki sessions can be facilitated in person or through distance. In person sessions are facilitated at the Harmonia Healing + Music healing space in Etobicoke, ON. 


A distance session allows you to experience a session in the comfort of your own home. For a distance session, you will be connected with Daiva Zemaitis, Reiki practitioner, through Zoom. At the beginning of the session, after a verbal check-in, you will be guided in to a relaxation in order to receive the treatment.


A distance session is just as effective as an in-person session!


If you've never experienced Reiki or have questions, it's ok!

Book a connection call to learn how Reiki can support you.