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Why Harmonia Healing + Music?


with individual healing
we begin
collective healing


Harmonia Healing + Music aims to nourish connection, meaning, and well being for clients through creative music experiences and Reiki, regardless of age, ability, cultural background, identity, religious beliefs, or experiences.

Harmonia Healing + Music uses a holistic, anti-oppressive lens to address the needs of the mind, body, and spirit, while being informed by current research on effective music therapy interventions.  


Through your own individual healing and self development, you can be an active contributor to the highest good of the collective. 

Our goal is to find how music can help you to reach goals through music therapy interventions and to facilitate deeper healing through the use of Reiki.

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Harmonia Healing + Music
is for everybody!


Harmonia Healing + Music serves the community by providing online, self led, group, and individualized programs that feature voice work, music exploration, and Reiki. 


Harmonia Healing + Music values connection, creativity, and collective wellbeing. Programs help folks gain confidence to speak up for themselves, express emotions to let go of stress and anxiety, nourish their creativity, and learn self care through music. 

We all possess an innate healing potential and an innate musical ability.


​If you have a heartbeat, you are musical. 

We and everything are energy. 

That is why Music Therapy interventions and Reiki go so well together. 

Both Music Therapy and Reiki are about the process. Healing is an ongoing process, not a destination. 

During your journey you may be wanting to:

  • connect to your voice so that you're a more confident communicator 

  • connect to your self so that you can live life authentically and with more ease

  • learn tools to help manage stress and anxiety 

  • express yourself creatively to feel a release of emotions  

  • and so much more

During your process with Harmonia Healing + Music, sessions can include any combination of:

  • singing and vocalizing

  • songwriting

  • improvising on instruments

  • learning to play an instrument

  • listening to music and discussing lyrics that resonate

  • voice coaching

  • receiving Reiki 

  • meditation

If it's for you or a loved one,

Harmonia Healing + Music

can create a unique care plan to fit

individual needs. 


Book a connection call to learn how we can work together.  

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