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No upcoming events at the moment
No upcoming events at the moment

You will:​

  • learn a grounding practice

  • receive Reiki healing

  • create a group sound with voice+instruments

So that you can:

  • relieve feelings of overwhelm​

  • connect back to yourself

  • release stress + heaviness

No upcoming events at the moment

Healing + Music Circle

An in-person gathering to receive healing through music, voice exploration, and Reiki in community with others. 

No previous music or Reiki experience required. 

Friday, December 1, 2023


In-person near Kipling+Lakeshore

Exact location provided upon registration.​​

Tickets are on a sliding scale:

Standard $33

Access $22

Supporter $44

All are welcome, no one is turned away for lack of finances.

Email to set up a different form of energetic exchange.

No upcoming events at the moment

responses from previous Healing + Music Circle participants

"After participating in the circle, I continued to feel supported in reflecting on the insights I had during the Circle about some big challenges of my childhood. I think without the support of the Circle, processing those insights would have taken longer and been much more difficult. I also felt calm and accepting of those painful childhood times."

"I would describe the circle as a lovely evening spent diving deep into individual truths (through the modalities of Reiki and voice/ singing) within a communal and safe environment."

"The Circle is a very gentle way to come together with others for healing and clarity."

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