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Music + Reiki

an offering unique to Harmonia Healing + Music


When Reiki is channeled during music experiences, it allows for a combining of a spiritual practice with an evidence based practice, creating a powerful synergy. Like music, Reiki is a flexible and adaptive practice. Reiki can be channeled for varying needs through intention, meditation, touch, and sound.

Whether you want to feel better overall, release stress, connect to your voice to feel more confident, or focus on personal growth, this type of session offers a specialized approach to meet your goals. 

Results from the session experience:

  • Learn self care through music

  • Confidence to speak up for yourself

  • Outlet to express emotions to decrease anxiety 

  • Comfortable being yourself in social situations 

  • Express creativity in all areas of your life


Results are achieved through the creative process and Reiki:

  • music making - singing songs and/or vocal exercises, improvising on instruments (i.e. drumming), simple song and chant writing

  • receiving Reiki energy

  • verbal sharing of thoughts, feelings, observations

  • journaling

  • meditation


There are many possibilities for the ways Music + Reiki can support you.
Sessions are individualized so that you can feel empowered to reach your highest potential.
Book a free Connection Call to learn more.  

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