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Hello Everybody: Using Hello Songs in music therapy settings

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

*This blog post is from the former Harmonia Music Therapy

Hello everybody! Thank you for checking out the first blog post! I thought, what better way to introduce myself than through a hello song?

Hello songs are a great way to start off a group in a music therapy setting. They can orient participants to the activity, provide introductions to group members, and allow for the whole group to warm up together. This can be particularly effective for older adults with dementia as it can ease anxiety, remind individuals of who's around them, where they are, and prime the brain for music. Or for young children, hello songs can provide introductions, as well as, assist those who are getting used to transitions and learning routines.

An easy, catchy hello song allows group members to quickly learn the song. It’s a nice idea to incorporate names and sing hello to members of the group as well. Many of my groups in long term care, of which most members have dementia or speech impairments, have been able to learn this song and it can even help some remember my name week to week.

No matter what kind of group you’re leading, hello songs or opening activities can be adapted to fit the needs and abilities of group members. This type of opening intervention brings everyone together and allows them to feel they are a part of something; one part of a greater whole.

Let’s keep the music going!

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